Calendar looks different

I created a publicly deployed app which shows the calendar like this:

I copied this app to create a similar app which is in prototype and it shows the calendar like this:

I combed through my settings but couldn’t find the cause

May I ask what is the difference you are referring?

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:man_facepalming: drag-drop misfire, I edited the post…

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Welcome to the “Material Design”!

but two apps that are configured the same way should look the same way. Is the material UI applicable to some apps but not others as part of a slow rollout?

which of the above two images is the new UI?

The second, I believe.

is there an expected difference between a deployed public app and a prototype app in terms of the UI that will work itself out over time?

We’re still in the process of rolling out these changes. As your account gets included in the rollout, your apps will show the new version of the UI. Public apps and other apps will have the same UI.