CALENDAR - Single day (now 2 day) display issue - HELP!

I have sent an email to support as well but thought maybe someone has had this issue and has a QUICK fix.

Our company Schedule / Calendar is no long displaying single day events as single days. All single day events are displaying as 2 day events. Ho do I show a single day even in the “WEEK” view top section (and not displayed in the lower time view).

Initially when I set up the calendar system I found a work around to make all of the single day events show up in the week view

If I made it span to the next day but had the end time be 00:00 it would force the even to fill a single day block.

It worked for a year and this morning I woke to company wide chaos!

I have tried all of the logical fixes.

Hi @Tom_Stevens

I think it’s related to these:


Thanks for this glimmer of hope AurelienCodergo