Calendar- User License Issues

I am not sure I am in the right place but maybe you can help Appsheet community. I created a simple app to schedule reconditioning of cars for customer delivery for my 25 sales people. It is ULTRA simple and works perfectly but I am being told by Appsheet that I must purchase a license for each of the 26 users that will use the app to schedule a delivery once or twice a week. I thought about creating a single gmail account to be used by all sales consultants which would drop the required licenses down to 4.

Any thoughts?

If you do not need to track the entries by who entered them or know who is using the app, then I believe what you are suggesting would be acceptable.

If you plan to make the app available to more users in the future, there is another option - a Public App. These are provided under the Publisher Pro plan and cost $50/month/app - flat rate. You can have unlimited number of users. These apps have no-sign in requirements and provide no user security - such as the ability to make certain app features available to only certain users. The flip side is that anyone who gets the link can install it and use it.