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I have got a question about calendar UX views. Does anyone know whether it is possible to make some of the events periodic? For example each Tuesday there are tasks in our company and actually, we have to add all these events every week. We wanna avoid that.

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Hi @mateo

Are there many tasks on a daily basis? Say 10 weekly tasks on Monday, 15 on Tuesday and so and is the overall number of repetitive tasks is very high in a week? Or are there only handful of daily tasks on each day that need to repeat every week?

Also is it okay if you have say a weekly task that needs to repeat for next 3 months ( so roughly 12 occurrences), then once defined for a week , it gets automatically added on a weekly basis instead of all 12 occcurences at a time? So for a task repeating on every Thursday, the next week ( 27th May task) gets automatically added on 20th May and one for 3rd June on 27th May?

If you are okay with the above and you have only a handful of tasks on daily basis, then I believe you can achieve it . One needs to use a good combination of actions, AppSheet automation feature and some added columns to define conditions for automatically adding the tasks for upcoming week or month.

I tested it on a small test app before responding to your query.


Generally, we do not have lots of periodic events. About 3 a week (each one another day) that need to be repeated every week for next months.
For example:
Task X - every Monday
Task Y - every Tuesday
Task Z - every Sunday
If you need some more information let me know.
Great thanks for reply @Suvrutt_Gurjar

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Hi @mateo ,

Thank you. You are welcome. In that case, I believe you could configure schedule BOTs as described. Every Monday evening, the task for next Monday can be added by the daily Schedule BOTs and so on.


I haven’t thought about scheduled BOTs. It really seems to work! If you want to know I will try to remember to come back with the “report” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again and btw may I ask about something else PM? Sometimes I do not want to create another topic especially when I have one short and easy to answer (probably for you) question.