Calendar View doesn't display data

Hello, I have a calendar view based on a slice and Start/End Date and Times are virtual fields. I can see the slice is generating the correct data but the calendar simply doesn’t display the info.


This particular picture’s field names don’t seem to match the rest of your screenshots. Also, have you tried some other simpler permutations to rule out bugs or behavior issues? e.g.
does removing color fix it?
do the non-virtual date fields work?
do virtual fields on not-slices work?

Could be a bug in here, might be best to rule out some of the moving parts.

Sorry Ty for the delay here is the revised screen shot. I was trying different variations

(I was merely pointing out that the screenshot didn’t match your write up, but that’s neither here nor there :slight_smile: )

Does removing the color calculation fix it? I.E. just the four date and time columns, do they work? Trying to remove the moving parts and variables will help here!

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Hi Ty, did some reconfiguring of the fields - still using virtual fields but create a single field dedicated to the Date/Time field and Start/End Date & Time fields are virtual.

The calendar screen seems to be updating acceptably now.

Thanks again Ty!