Calendar view for inline of detail view

Only “list type” of views, such as table, deck, gallery views can be selected as inline view appended to detail view for now. Calendar view is not supported as in-line view surprisingly.
Calendar view could be categorized as a sort of “list type” view, it should be supported to push as inline view.

To test this, I made a slice and made calendar view out of the slice and push VC and expression using select / ref_row targeting slice. Appsheet made Gallery view, while we have custom Calendar view which stands as default view for that slice.

We can place calendar view beneath the detaill view by using Dashboar d view, but this is now what I m looking for.

For me, this is buggy behavior, but was asked by Support desk to place a feature request down here.

I wish to bump this request back to the top again.

Is there any technical reason why we can’t have Calendar as an inline view? Interactive Dashboards would be flawless with it.


Literary two days ago, I confirmed with the support desk that this is intended behavior ( we are not able to display calenar view as inline view for detail view.
Other list type view, such as table, deck, gallary etc, is workable for inline view as they are categorized as list type view. Yes, calendar view would be categorized equally as list type view, but not able to display as inline view. As you rightly said we need to place detail view as well as calendar view within dashboard to show them within a single view. but showing calendar view as inline could be more light weight for some usages.

Hope we will get more of votes, for now, just 2…