Calendar View - Issue with not spanning across a few days

When a calendar entry is made where the date might start at 1/24/2020 start time 3PM and end on 1/27/2020 End time 4pm - would the calendar not display the entry across those days?

I understand recurring is not currently supported - this is more of an extended calendar entry.


Yes, the calendar does show across several days. I have tested this with both DateTime columns as well as columns where the Date is in one and the Time is in another. In both cases, the calendar showed in the same way.

One oddity - If I entered only the start date and end date (no times) the calendar did not show the schedule ending ON the end date but rather the day before (see the month view below). Once I entered the times then the calendar reflected correctly. A bug?

Week Calendar View - Note that is shows across the top

Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 7.02.45 PM

Month Calendar View

Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 7.08.13 PM

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Thanks John, my calendar view does not span across a few days maybe configured incorrectly. Are just the 4 fields required: Start Date Start Time, End Date, End Time? Is there something else I should be setting?

In your scenario, wonder if when times are not entered it assumes a midnight to midnight time frame?

I do believe you need the Description assigned so it knows how to label the schedule item. Category is optional, it controls the varying color.

I think you are correct that time is assumed as Midnight for Date type columns. That is true throughout AppSheet.

For the Calendar, you do not need the Time properties - only the Start Date and End Date. If you use the same date on both, it will assume an all day event.

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