Calendar View not working

I have a simple table that syncs with google calendar, no slices, nor rules etc…
When I create new events, they don´t show in the calendar view, but if I change to table view (or any other) they do appear. And also, the appear in my Google calendar. They just don´t show in the calendar view.

Checked: the correct date, year etc…

Please contact directly

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Is it possible that the month and day are the opposite and you are looking from a wrong date? That would explain why they show with the table view…

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Nope, I checked, but thanks!

Hello All,

I don’t know if it’s the same issue but I have a simple table with dates and 1 description called “key” wich supposed to be displayed as description in the calendar view but it’s doesn’t work.

Any Idea how i could fix this ?

Thanks for your support! :wink: