Calendar View Stops showing Entries on January 28th and Future Dates

I have a google calendar set up as a data source with a UX view. It is for reference only as I make all entries into google calendar and just use the UX view in my app as a reference. However, I noticed today that all entries beyond January 28th, 2020 are not there in the appsheet view in my app. Previous items are there. Future items are missing. Of course I do have future dates in google calendar set up, but they are not showing up beginning on the 28th of January.

Any thoughts? I thought appsheet showed all dates up to 90 days out.

Hi @Scott_Hall have you set the Locale to US/English?
As mentioned at the bottom of this article:

You should be able to control days from table’s definition. You can see for example…
{“FromDaysInThePast”:-10,“ToDaysInTheFuture”:150} and then your calendar view is able to show more than default ±90 days.