Calendar year displayed

Hi, is there a way to get the currently displayed calendar year?
11/20/2020 would return 2020
11/20/2021 would return 2021

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Hi, I know, but what I asked for is a calendar property that indicates which year is on display.
Is that possible?

Could you please elaborate your requirement?

What I try to do is to populate the Calendar with birthdates from Contacts. I found a way to display 1 year from now, but not further into the future.
To do this, I made a virtual column with this formula:
date(month([birth date]) & “/” & day([birth date]) & “/” & if(month([Birth date])<month(today()),year(today())+1,year(today())))
Now I want to replace the last part :
if(month([Birth date])<month(today()),year(today())+1,year(today()))
or something like that if its possible?

I believe date/time expressions have higher requirements to consider about exceptions and special cases to construct and need better testing. The above expression, for example, I believe will not work for those with birthdates as 29th February as the date of 29th Feb comes only once 4 years in a leap year.

So in general, l believe what you are looking at should be possible and one can construct an expression but will need good testing and need to take care of exceptions like 29th Feb.

I think that will not be an issue since 29th does only exist in a leap year and thus the birthday will only be populated into the calendar during leap years which is expected.
The question though, was if a property can be retreived from the Calendar that indicates the month/year shown.

Could you please share a few examples of your requirements?

No. There is no way to determine which month and year are currently displayed by the on-screen calendar.

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