Calender Issues

1 - Disable/hide the time slots in the calendar view? I only need days as my records are based on the dates rather than time. - For example, in this week’s view, I don’t want to see the time, but only days of the week and the categories etc
Or, just show operating hours e.g 10am to 3pm - Main aim is to remove/hide atleast 90% of the calendar view which is just a plain white space

2 - To be able to adjust the UX of the calendar view, specially the background view - Right now, almost 90% of the calendar view is white, which is not eye-catching

3 - On the month view, can I choose an event, and go directly to its detail view without first going to the week view

4 - Can one display one event that occurs consecutively for 3 days, but at the same time, For example, Monday 5pm-7pm, Tuesday 5pm-7pm, Wednesday 5pm-7pm

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