Call a column value from another table based on refference key column

I’m trying to call a value from another table based on a refference column

My tables are the following


Members table has the following columns:
Members[Active] (Yes/No) Type

Participants table has the following columns
Participants[Member] - Ref to Members[Key]
Participants[MemberActive] - (this is the column i want to call from Members[Active] based on Participants[Member])

So, basically I want to know if when the member was registered as participant, the member account value was active or inactive.

Fun fact, suddenly I solved it :rofl:
I tried with LOOKUP() function but didn’t work and as Iv’e learned in the comunity, is a slow way to do it.

It was simple as:

Finally I understood that I can put a key value that has a refference to another table from the table I’m building the formula with. This way, [Member] being a ref to Members[Key] retrieves the value for the column Members[Active]. :thinking:


The syntax [Member].[Active] should be enough… there is no need to use table name with it.