Call a process from other table - Process Inputs & Column values erased

I just found something weird when trying automation.
When I use a “step” in process 1 (linked to table 1) to call a process 2 in table 2, it tells me to select “process inputs” from table 1. I select “useremail” since it is the table1 key (see picture 1) and it is easy to define: [Useremail] = USEREMAIL()
When process 2 finishes, the data is changed in table 2 in google sheets (Ejercicio = True). That’s fine, that’s what I wanted with Process 2. BUT all the other colums get deleted!!!

So the QUESTION is:
Is it not possible to connect two processes from different tables without losing some column information?

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Thanks for raising this issue, I was able to reproduce and will work on fixing it.


Hello Dani,

Sorry for the long wait. The reported issue has been fixed, the scenario you described should now be working as expected.


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