Call a webhook where the URL is set in user settings


I’m trying to trigger a webhook to call out to a users specific website (Wix) to send a triggered email to a customer they have in the AppSheet App.

Each user has their own website, so the URL endpoint that would need to be triggered by the webhook will be different for each user (at least the domain name will be different, the rest of the URL path can be standardized.) Is it possible to set the Url of the WebHook based on data in the user’s settings or from a data table? I’ve been trying to figure this out but I cannot find any information on it.


USERSETTINGS will not be available as it runs server side.

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Ok, is there a way to do this via some kind of template or by pulling the URL out of a database or google spreadsheet?

Can’t you use USEREMAIL() to look up the url?

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Can I use that in some kind of formula in the Webhook URL field? b/c I’ll have to take only the portion after the @. How would I do that?

Yes, you can use a concatenate function (and other functions to access values in rows) to formulate your url.

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