Call an Action with an API

You’re still not understanding then. An invoked Action needs to be run from the context of an existing record

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@Marc_Dillon I think I’m piecing it altogether now… The documentation isn’t clear

1 = I was looking for errors in Bot Monitor, not the Log Analyser
2 = You can ONLY create rows from within the API Body using “Add”. Not with an action
3 = The one action type you are allowed to call in the API body can only update rows

Log Analyser is typically the best place to go to really see what’s going on.

I’m not sure what you mean here. “within the API Body”?

To create new records via API, you can either:

  1. Use the basic “Add” API Action.
  2. Invoke an “add new row to another table with values from this table” Action, as I just proved in the other thread:
    Edit key column - #5 by Marc_Dillon

Yes, that’s basically what the docs says. But again, as I just tested in the other thread, that’s not necessarily true.

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So I think whats going wrong here is I’m not calling the API from the correct table/s.

This is the action I want to call:

This is the API settings currently
Screenshot from 2021-11-24 18-54-27

I’ve not idea at all now whats happening because even the log analyser is telling me the Bot ran succesfully :confused:

What do you suggest I need to change?