Call form response from current submission

Hi all,

I am pretty new to AppSheet. Please excuse me if this is a well known issue, I have spent some hours trying to search the community form. I have a feeling I am not using the correct keywords.

I am trying a make a form which will pre-fill some responses as the “prefered” value based on the user. But these responses need to be editable…so dereferences method does not work (at least I have not been able to make the response editable when using dereferences).

Is there a way to pull selected responses before the form has been submitted? I.E on another platform that I am using, there are these microflows which allow you to execute certain actions when a field has been edited…is there something like that in AppSheet?

Could someone please point me in the right direction?

You can create a Behavior that will appear as a button.

In this Behavior
for option “Do This” Select "App: go to another view within this app

For Target enter "LINKTOFORM(NAME_OF_FORM,[ColumnA], “Your Value for Column A”, [ColumnB], “Your Value for Column B”,…etc

This will prefill those values for you.

You can read more about it here

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Use the same deference formula you tried before, but enter it in the Inital_Value instead of App Formula.
Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 8.16.40 AM

That should auto-fill with the value you want, but then allow the user to edit the value if needed.


I do that all the time, pulling in data from my Users table. Some places I allow the user to edit the pre-filled data, other places I don’t.

For example, this is in the Initial value property of an enumList type of column. It will pre-select the country or countries stored in the users table for the current user. The user can then edit as desired.



Expanding @Lucinda_Mason and @Mark_Taylor idea, would it be possible to next a LINKTOFORM() with in a LINKTOFORM? Or is there any other approach to accomplish this?

Here is the schematics of the information I need to pull. I am trying to autofill (via the Initial Value formula) User_Office, User_State, and User_Country columns in Parent_Table.
User_Office is coming from Users table. While User_State and User_Country are coming from Offices table via Users[User].

You can do that like this

Two Virtual column in “Users” for State and Country
Users(VirState) = Lookup([_thisrow].[User_Office],“Offices”,“Office”,“State”)
Users(VirCounty) = Lookup([_thisrow].[User_Office],“Offices”,“Office”,“Country”)

The three Virtual Columns in “Parent_table” for Office, State, and Country
Parent_table(VirOffice) = Lookup([_thisrow].[User],“Users”,“User”,“User_office”)
Parent_table(VirState) = Lookup([_thisrow].[User],“Users”,“User”,“VirState”)
Parent_table(VirCounty) = Lookup([_thisrow].[User],“Users”,“User”,“VirCountry”)

you can read more about it here

If the user is filling out a form for Parent_Table:

  • Assuming User is a Ref to Users, to auto-fill User_Office from User, set the Initial value expression for User_Office to:

  • Assuming User_Office is then a Ref to Offices, to auto-fill User_State:

  • And for User_Country: