Calling a specific object from a specific view?

Hi folks.

I’m trying to conditionally format [EMPLOYEE] only if their job has not been signed off on.

I’ve tried setting the format rule to say if [FINISH JOB] time is blank then format [EMPLOYEE] but the poblem is this rule is now applied to every [EMPLOYEE] field everywhere on the app.

How would I call the [EMPLOYEE] fields ONLY in the form results view (AKA - “LIST”)

Thanks heaps in advance,

Dan :+1:

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Thanks mate. I’m very new to coding so I’ll have to look into that. I appreciate your help anyway :+1::+1:

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Your recommendation seems to be useful in checking if views are present but I can’t manage to work out how to check a columns value inside a specific view and consequently formatting another column inside that same view only.

In short, I need to do this:

If column1 is blank in view1 then conditionally format column2 in view1. Also, would this be controlled under a new format rule?

I’m lost and sorry to be a pain in the backside

Thanks in advance

It appears you already have a format rule setup that formats column2 according to column1, but you only want this formatting applied in specific views:

Modify your existing format rule expression to include an expression that uses CONTEXT() to check whether the current view type is a “list”:

  ISBLANK([Finish Job]),
  ("Deck" = CONTEXT("ViewType"))
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You sir, are a legend! Thanks so much :grin:

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