Calling word, excel

When I use a file type for my data, it could be added any file type such as word, excel… but only one file. I would like to ask for support:

  1. How could I add multi files in one time?
  2. With word, excel… How could I open directly from my app? (it’s requested to download first and open then).
    Many thanks.
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What do you mean with

Are you referring to the data source you choose when you create a new Table in the app editor?
Or do you want app users to open other applications like word and excel?

Not possible.

Not possible.

I’m terrible sorry for late reply.
No.1: My type is FILE, it will be linked to a file.
No.2: When I inputed data, it will be added a file. My question is: how could I add 2, 3 or more files at the same time.
No.3: If I click on link file as above mentioned (No.2). A PDF file will be appreared at web type. My question is:

  • How could it call Acrobat App for openning this file (with this case).
  • With another cases, for example: world file, excel file… it will be open by those app.