Can a deeplink in a notification goto a website - i specify?

Can a deeplink in a notification goto a website - i specify?

Please elaborate! Like what?? RSS feed? HTML alert?

I want my user to be able to send notifications through the app. Then the notification that went out to all others be a link to a website - NOT the app…

Sorry but can’t follow you. Forget about the app for a second, can you tell me how are you planning to send a link to a web page? As a RSS feed? As a post? As an HTTP Post Request? What kinda website/webpage is that? Do you own the domain?

These are the steps i want my user to be able to do:

That last step has “Link” in it. I want the user who gets this notification to be able to go to that link by clicking on the notification.

You mean the Push notification??

Here is my workflow push notification:

I built a table named “Link to url link” - to display the link - as a work around. But i would rather the click on the notification be directly to the url entered.

Unfortunately that’s not possible. As it’s already stated at the of the doc, “By default, the DeepLink links to your AppSheet application.”

So sending notifications to users - you cannot make it a clickable link to the url i put in the notification?

Correct. The notification bubble is defaulted to your AppSheet app.

Ok. Then if it does a deeplink back to a view in the app, does the user who clicked on the notification HAVE to have downloaded the app already/before?

The user should have installed the AppSheet app and have at least once launched your app. These are all written in the reference document.

Ok. Thanks. Is there any other way to push/give links to url to people who have not downloaded the app?

Nope, not that I know of. However, no any apps (including the white-label apps) does not direct the user to a URL from a notification as per security. Provided the redirected URL contains some malicious code, executing that URL means executing the code without the user’s awareness. So basically what you are asking is - at least in terms of security - not logical.

OH! I understand. Thanks

You’re welcome.

Given that push notifications are–by definition–directed to an app, I’m curious how you’d imagine a push notification would know how to reach someone who doesn’t have the app installed?

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I was hoping the notification could be a clickable link - if i specified where it would go -url
Also - i have a table with users already in it with their phone numbers. So they do not need the app installed to get the notifications…

The content of the notification is irrelevant to my question. You asked: “Is there any other way to push/give links to url to people who have not downloaded the app?” It is not possible by any means to send a notification (regardless of content) to anyone who does not have the app installed.


I have a table - “Contacts” with the names and phone numbers already there. It’s our companies employee list. So the notification is pushed to those numbers.