Can a Ref Column have suggested values so that it is searcheable?

I have 2 tables, Issued Vouchers and Claiming. Under Issued Vouchers I have the columns Reference Number, Name, and Amount. Under the Claiming I have the columns Reference Number, Name, Amount, and Status.

What I was looking for is to have Suggested Values for the Reference Number Field under the Claiming table. Then I use this Reference number as a Ref column to auto populate the other fields like Name and Amount. When I try to put the “Issued Vouchers[Reference Number]” so that when users type a reference number, suggestions will be made to minimize the error a prompt from Appsheet appears which says
“Column Name ‘Reference Number’ in Schema ‘Claiming_Schema’ of Column Type ‘Ref’ has invalid ‘Suggested Values’ of ‘=Issued Vouchers[Reference Number]’. The type of the Suggested Values does not match the column type.”

Please provide a screenshot of the column configuration screen, and of the complete Suggested values expression you tried, showing the error message.

I had a similar issue and I had to use a VC of type List and put that list for suggested values (i.e., [VALUES_VC]) - and it worked.

I believe this should be filed as a bug. @Steve @Aleksi