Can an Enum List of questions have an Enum List for answers?

Parent Table → Child Table & Requests table with one request for each parent row with questions about some of it’s children. My employees submit requests to our clients which include certain child records selected via an Enum List. The client’s respond in a form and I can’t figure out how to design it so that they can respond to each child individually via an Enum List. I know I could make a child record response table but then I’d be creating redundant child records when all I need is a Yes or No Response. The outcome would be one Request Row with a child request list like
Request Response
Request Row: 4758,38475,4890 Yes, No,No

Is this possible?


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hahaha, sorry I didn’t realize the formatting got screwed up when i submitted the question. Below is what I meant:

For example, let’s say there’s three YouTube videos on a channel and I want to submit a form to my client that shows each video and then below it, a question “Do you like this video” and they have an enum of Yes or No.