Can an inline view of Ref_Rows include rows f...

(Jennifer Clem) #1

Can an inline view of Ref_Rows include rows from multiple References to the same table?

For example,

I have a table with a list of events and 3 columns in that table are Attendee 1, Attendee 2, and Attendee 3.

All 3 of these columns are ref type back to a list of people (the same list for all 3 columns).

I would like the detail view for 1 person to display all events they are listed for, no matter what column their name is placed in.

Currently, the system creates a unique table for each referenced column, but I’d like to streamline this to just 1 inline view.

I tried LIST(Ref_Rows(“Events”, “Attendee 1”), Ref_Rows(“Events”, “Attendee 2”), Ref_Rows(“Events”, “Attendee 3”)), but this just returns a list of the key values instead of a list of rows with those key values.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You should be able to do that with the virtual list column if you choose ref type. Type your app formula something like… SELECT(Events[ID],OR([Attendee 1]=[_THISROW].[Attendee],[Attendee 2]=[_THISROW].[Attendee],[Attendee 3]=[_THISROW].[Attendee]))