Can anyone help me with my mapping workflow? ...

Can anyone help me with my mapping workflow? I have a form I am filling in with features that a property (house) has. When it comes to the lat long capture it shows a mini map in the form

with my current position (blue dot). This is great, however I would like to be able to either click/switch to a larger map where the user can drag the pin to a more exact location and save. The small map on the form is way too cumbersome for this. Any suggestions?

If you start adding your pin from a map view that will give you a large map.

There isn’t any way currently to expand the small lat / long preview map.

Adding a column to use as a true/false button might be an option, such as “Use my Current Location”. Instead of using “HERE” as an initial value, you could use an IF statement instead (in the initial value field).


IF([Use my Current Location]=TRUE,HERE(),"") You’d also want to pair that with a Showif statement.

I think that might be somewhat of a workaround here.


Hi Jesse, thanks for the suggestion. I take it this workaround wont take me to a larger map but will only show the small preview map with my current location? I was wondering if I could switch to “full view” map, re adjust my pin (to make up for GPS deviation) and save the lat long back to my form.

+Brian Sabino Thanks Brian.

Has this been solved yet? I have a similar need to expand the map. I can see this in the sample apps but can’t work out how to achieve it in my own app.