Can anyone please help me finish a document repository app?

Hi there, I have been working for various days on this app but cannot come to the actions that this app is supposed to make. Do any of you have 1h time to help me with this?

I really want to learn how to make this happen!! Thanks a lot for your help!!

Hi @Johanny_Pestalozzi

Which action do you want to perform ?

Hi @Aurelien

Thanks a lot for replying. I have been able to create the views in the app and I created a summary screen with all content categories but I have not been able to connect the categories to the respective content on different tabs from the source data. And I would like to create an automatic weekly report on content based on status. Do you think you could help me with that?

I very much appreciate your help! Thanks a lot in advance!

If I understand correctly:

  • you have a table with content list, and associated status
  • you have a table with categories list
  • you have at least one view that displays the content list, grouped by categories

If my understanding is correct, you wish to send report based on status.

What I suggest, is to use Slice.
Slice for status1, slice for status2, etc.

To do so, please go in the Data/Slice panel, and type in the “Row filter condition”:
[Status]=“Status1” ==> for slice1
[Status]=“Status2” ==> for slice2

Then, create a Automation/bot, that will be based on these slices, to make your report.

Let us know if that’s OK for you !

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Awesome! I’ll try that out. I’ll come back to you in a moment.

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Hi, I tried that and it’s Ok. However, want I need is that when I click on a category, I am directed to a page with all content related to that category. Can we have chat on Google Meet?