Can anyone see the app in Public plan?


I want to make app in public plan.
So anyone can access the my app?
Is it possible to search my app by anyone?

And Is guest counted as user in public plan?

Hi there

Do you mean google search engine will find your app or not? Is that your question?

Unless we publish and send doc to google console any web site will not be found by google or any other search engine.

If you want to make app available and can be found by anyone , option is to place your app to App Store.

One option is to add your sample app into your Appsheet Portfolio. Have you tried that already?

Thank for reply.

I do not mean my app will be searchable by google.
AppSheet suggest that app with secure content is good for secure plan(per user), app with not confidential content is good for public plan(per app).

So If I make app in public plan, I wonder who can access my app except for people I give URL to.

Any user who knows the full browser URL of your app, can reach and run your app in the browser:{app_id}. If the app is on public plan, they can see app data, if the app is secure, they are forced to login with one of the designate Cloud Authenticators i.e. Google, Box, Dropbox etc.

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Hi there,
It’s depending on how you ‘publish’ your app, I reckon.
Again, google no way to find your app url, but when you for instance put app url on your blog, then App can be access through your blog.

I know what it means.
Thank for reply.

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