Can anyone tell me if there is a way to filte...

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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to filter the columns that are included in a view with a filter or equation?

I am trying to do this with a slice, but it seems expressions can only be used on ROWS, and that COLUMNS must be manually managed.

What am I missing here?


Hi @Miranda_Lubarsky, unfortunately there is no mechanism to filter by columns with an expression. You can choose columns included in a view using the Column Order setting of view options or by making a Slice and omitting certain columns, but both of these must be manually selected.

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@Adam_Stone_AppSheet That seems weird to me.

Can I please submit to request this sort of function for updates in the future?

Seems like it would be very easy for them to do…l


Actually @Aleksi_Alkio reminded me you can get something like this with Show_If expressions. Each column would need its own expression to determine whether to show or not, not as convenient as a single filter expression but it could work.

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@Adam_Stone_AppSheet Aleksi, you son of a gun, you are the best!

Funny I was just thinking that could be a good work-around…will let you know how it goes.