Can AppSheet auto-generate the Unique ID column in my worksheet?

I have been having issues creating my first app through AppSheet. Is it possible for AppSheet to generate a unique ID for me, if I create the column but don’t have any info in the field? Or is there a function or formula I can use to get my sheet to populate a random ID whenever I create a new row of text? I have tried everything I can think of and all of it creates errors on my sheet or in the app. Please help!

Hi @Dunrite
You need a Column for the Unique ID . Use that as key column.
Edit the column definition and if it is not already there put UNIQUEID() in initial value.


Thank you, Lynn. I had already done all of that. But it doesn’t create a Unique ID for me. It just gives me an error and tells me I need to create an ID.

you must put UNIQUEID () in initial value

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No, you haven’t.