Can Appsheet be linked to an Excel sheet in a...

(Rob atYahoo) #1

Can Appsheet be linked to an Excel sheet in a shared OneDrive folder instead of my own folder

For some time I have been using Appsheet for my sign installation run and it works faultlessly. It is linked to an Excel spreadsheet in a OneDrive folder I have set up for the business. I have also shared the spreadsheet with my personal OneDrive account and my home PC loads orders into the spreadsheet during the day. That process works well too but because I am loading the data on a synced local version of the spreadsheet I run into repeated sync issues.

As a resolution I tried mapping OneDrive as a network drive on my PC so I could interact directly with the on line version of the spreadsheet but mapping won’t work because the spreadsheet is in a shared folder.

If I move ownership of the spreadsheet to my personal account and share it with the business OneDrive account, will AppSheet still work with it, or does Appsheet only work with ‘owned’ spreadsheets?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You should be able to do that if you add that shared folder as an additional data source to your app.

(Rob atYahoo) #3

Thanks for the feedback. I tried it but I must be doing something very wrong.

I created a new folder in my personal OneDrive account and gave Edit access to that folder to the OneDrive account I use for business (Not OneDrive for Business). That is the same account I am subscribed to with AppSheet. When I go to OneDrive on the web using that account the newly created shared folder is there in My Files. However when I try to add a spreadsheet I placed in that folder as a datasource in AppSheet, that folder is not there so I can’t connect to it.

(Rob atYahoo) #4

Hi Aleksi, thanks for your comment above. Based on lack of further comments I guess this question has reached its limit and there is no solution to this issue - I won’t be able to work with a shared database in AppSheet and I can’t map a shared database as a network drive.

Am I supposed to mark this question as answered or something?