Can AppSheet be used to ask sales reps for status updates?

We need to build a sort of CRM from our Google Sheet. It would ask our sales reps to provide an update on the status of a referral on a customizable basis (1 week, 6 weeks, etc.). Can this be done in AppSheet?

Welcome! Yes this sounds like an ideal use case to get started with.

If your Sheet contains the referral information, with a ‘status’ column and ‘last updated date’ column, the reps could use their AppSheet app to quickly make status updates that reflect in your Sheet.

Also, if you create a Slice + View, your app can show each rep just the referrals they own.

May not be exactly what you need, but the ‘CRM’ and ‘Lead Tracking’ templates are some similar examples available here:


Thank you so much for your help. Question: if we have people provide their feedback solely by email - and they would never specifically log into AppSheet - would they be counted as paid users or not?

If the email recipient doesn’t need to log in to an AppSheet app, they won’t be counted as an active user that requires a license.

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