Can Appsheets integrate with a Raspberry Pi?

I am curious to know can i build an app to integrate with a raspberry Pi? The Pi is basically a very small computer board. If the Pi has data in it can i connect the Appsheets app to it?

If so - how? and has anyone done this before?

the Pi would be a data source in this scenario (e.g. a server). If you can get postgres installed onto your rasberry, you could then try to connect to it using our cloud database connection support (this is part of a managed business license, by the way). I found this web page on all things related to rasberry and postgres:

I’m fairly certain (but not 100%) that no one has tried this yet…

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I have researched this and found that you can add the Google Sheet API using Python code inside your Pi. I just dont know Python code very well, and I am not sure where to put the API. Then it is nothing more than a google spreadsheet. But again- i do not know how to accomplish this.

Is Appsheets going to do more with Iot in the future?

When I remember right, @LeventK was working with iot integration.