Can column display name be dynamic, I would l...

(James McFarlane) #1

Can column display name be dynamic, I would like to show them in spanish for example.

Tried this formulas:

Lookup([_THIS], ‘ColumnTranslations’, ‘ColumnName’, ‘TranslatedColumnName’)

Select(ColumnTranslations[TranslatedColumnName], [_THIS]=[ColumnName])

But get an error message:

Column name ‘Product Name’ in Schema ‘Products_Schema’ has an invalid Display Name ‘=Lookup([_THIS], ‘ColumnTranslationes’, ‘Column Name’, ‘SPANISH’)’. Unable to find column ‘_THIS’, did you mean ‘SPANISH’?MORE INFOGO TO THE PROBLEM

(Steven Coile) #2

Yes, the column display name can be dynamic.

(Steven Coile) #3

Try using Expression Builder (click the flask icon in the expression box) to verify and test your expression. It might provide more information, or at least make it easier to troubleshoot.

(Steven Coile) #4

Note, too, that [_THIS] refers to the column value, not the column name. If the goal is to translate the column name, you’ll need to put the column name in the formula explicitly (which means you can’t reuse the exact same formula for every display name).