Can I add Home Screen Shortcut and then delete Appsheet app?



Is there a way to add the shortcut to the iPhone Home Screen and then delete the Appsheet app?
When I delete the Appsheet app the shortcut no longer works. Is there a way to delete the app and have the shortcut still working?

Thank you

Nope. It doesn’t even make sense. You want to create a shortcut to something that doesn’t exist?

What are you trying to accomplish?

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Hi @Michelle_Digi

I had the same impression as @Steve.
It sounds like the following. If you have a different purpose, please follow up.

  1. Building a house.( Install AppSheet app)
  2. Build a front door.(Create Shortcut)
  3. Tear down the house.(delete AppSheet app)
  4. Only the front door will remain.
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