Can I allow app edits without allowing user e...

(David Joyce) #1

Can I allow app edits without allowing user edits?

I have two fields (LastUpdated, LastUpdatedBy) that should be updated by a workflow-action that is triggered when the user edits other fields in the table. I dont want to user to be able to edit these two fields directly.

There is also a second table with a workflow defined - when a user adds a record to the second table, the fields in the first should be updated by the action.

If I stop the user from editing the fields using Editable_If constraint, the workflow from the second table doesnt get triggered somehow.

Any ideas how I can allow workflow actions to edit the fields but stop users from editing the same fields? Thanks.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You can use Show_If option for that if you type FALSE there. It won’t whos the filed on the form view but it’s still editable.