Can I allow users to subscribe to certain views?

I am looking into using AppSheet for the company I work for, they want the app to help keep track of plant outages. Is it possible for users to “subscribe” to a certain plant and only see updates about that plant? I have it so you can report outages and update the status of the plants no problem. But right now when you look at the app you see every plant in the list which is confusing to look at and not necessary for the employees. I know you can filter things with security filters, I’m just not sure how to go about allowing the users to choose what to filter on their own.

Hi @Alyssa_Lukens,
With the new in-app filtering users can filter out the plans they are not interested in.

A different approach would be to let user chose the plants they care about in user settings and use a security filter to filter based on the user’s choice.