Can I attach a pre existing PDF file to an email workflow?


I’ve followed the steps from the “ClickToSendEmail” sample app and all is well until I get to the worflow where I would like to attach a file which I already store on google drive. I don’t want to use the default behaviour which seems to create PDFs on the fly. I already have a set of PDFs with link to each configured in my table. I want to uset that link to attach the file (not send the link to the file). Is there any way I can do that?


Hi @imtiazu
Have you tried Other Attachments?


FYI this was extremley fiddly and poor documentation on how to implement. I spent 2 days trying to set it up only to find that there is a bug which somehow kept automatically adding a new column to a table randomly. Anyway, I now have a solution which works very well and dynamically.

Could you elaborate on this?

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