Can I create a list of fields marked as PII?

Any way I can produce a list of every field I’ve marked as PII in every table? I want to ensure I haven’t missed any.

You can use the search box on top of the Data->Columns window in the editor.

That works to search for fields by name, like all fields with Email - that certainly helps. I had never tried that.

But can I search for a specific attribute applied? Like all columns with PII=True? If so, how do I enter that into the search box?

Ohhhh. I thought PII was a part of your column names. Forgot that was the short name of the sensitive information attribute. You can see it if you scroll the columns all the way to the right.

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One option to get the comprehensive app documentation is the option under
Info --> Properties --> App Documentation


On clicking the above the entire list of columns in the app is available with their attributes. One can search each column by the name and verify its attributes.

Edit: of course the one mentioned by @Marc_Dillon is much user friendly to quickly check teh attributes. The documentation option is for entire app documentation at one place.

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I assume we can’t re-order that display? It’s at least easier than clicking to go into the detail view of each column.


Thanks. I thought of that but the document is so very long. I’ll have to look at that option again.