Can i Create a marketplace with appsheet??...

(GreenPeaz) #1

Can i Create a marketplace with appsheet??

(Grant Stead) #2

Maybe, depends…

(GreenPeaz) #3

Depends on WHat??

(GreenPeaz) #4

Thanks for the feedback Praveen,but am so much in love with appsheet that making anything without it would make the project incomplete

(Grant Stead) #5

+VANZ Jewels details. Do you have a plan, or a proof of concept, anything? I mean, the word “marketplace” is pretty vague.

(GreenPeaz) #6

Marketplace for jewelry, if that helps

(Grant Stead) #7

+VANZ Jewels like a store, or multiple sellers? Nevermind on the details. Cursory, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is collect payment and distribute payment to the sellers. There is currently no built in payment gateways with appsheet. So, you would need to handle the payments externally.

(GreenPeaz) #8

Payments can be managed though a link to another webpage

(Grant Stead) #9

+VANZ Jewels sure. Like PayPal for example has very simple links…

(GreenPeaz) #10

so coming back to my question, a marketplace is possible to create using appsheet??

(Grant Stead) #11

+VANZ Jewels everything is possible with appsheet. It simply depends on what compromised and integrations your want to make.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #12

+VANZ Jewels, you might think of a marketplace as a database that allows you to connect buyers with sellers.

AppSheet may be a suitable platform for a small marketplace, but not for a large one. Usually marketplaces are pretty large — you need a certain critical mass of participants before a marketplace becomes successful.

AppSheet’s architecture is oriented towards business apps that may be occasionally ofline. So all the data is cached locally on each device. This is fine for relatively small data sets but not for large data sets.

Of course, I wish everyone in the world used AppSheet for every possible purpose. But if I were bullding a jewelry marketplace, I would not use AppSheet myself.