Can I create a Tabbed Form View with Save instead of Next?

I want to create a form whereby some fields are displayed on one tab and the rest on another. That’s easy to do but the first tab has a NEXT button at the bottom instead of a SAVE Button. Can that be done somehow?

Something like this:

I just create a test with Show? condition of the rest of column of Second tab with ISBLANK([Name])
Something similar should be doable based on your needs.

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Yes , this can be done at page level itself.

In the Show_if constraint of show type column of a page_header category type, you can include a suitable show_if constraint. This one constraint will hide or show the entire page.

In the example below ,the show_if constraint in the show column “Page 2 Header” is based on the answer to the question of the column on previous page, “Go to next page?”


Edit: This is explained the article below


Hi @Griff! I haven’t tried this before, but your question gave me an idea. :grin:

Try using the Form View>Behavior>Form Saved Action to redirect the user to the next part of the form when they click SAVE.

If all the questions on Page 2 are hidden, the Form button will automatically say SAVE instead of NEXT.

So hide Page2 until they click save, then use a LINKTOROW() action on form-save to bring them right back to the same form.

But how do you unhide Page 2 on the second opening? Add a hidden column that gets auto-filled by an action/workflow AFTER Page1 gets saved, and make this column the hide condition for Page2!

So Page1 form-save action would trigger:
Save Page1 user-input
Form-Save Action (Group)
-Set hidden column to unhide Page2
-LINKTOROW() to reopen form

I think it’s going to return them to Page1 still, but it will actually be saved, and the button on Page1 will have changed to NEXT.

Again, I haven’t tested this. Just an idea. Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


I think this will skip the SAVE part on Page1 though, and just change the button to NEXT when you allow Page2. I think @Griff was looking for a way to SAVE the form half way through without it closing so the user can continue to Page2 after saving.

@Griff if you don’t need to save mid-form, then @Suvrutt_Gurjar’s suggestion would be much easier.

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Hi @GreenFlux,

I believe, if required fields on the page 1 are marked so, even if the user navigates to the page 2, he will not be able to save the form without filling in the page 1 mandatory fields. If the fields are not mandatory, it may not matter going to page 2 without filling in page 1 fields?

May be I am missing your point.

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I was assuming Page1 would always be filled in first, and then saved, which would unlock the columns in Page2. You are correct that this would not work out of sequence.


Sorry for the delayed acknowledgement - busy week.
Thanks for your comments and explanations. Suvrutt, your explanation was great. I have made it a section break at the moment but will change to Page Header when I am ready to publish the finished app