Can I create app to save photos in nominated DropBox folder?

A need to save photos in nominated shared Dropbox folders. To accomplish this, I thought I could create a Google sheet that contained a list of the Locations, and then create an AppSheet App that enabled my user to select a Location, take a photo and have the photo automatically save to the DropBox folder with the same name as the Location selected.

I know how to make the spreadsheet and app but don’t know whether to save the spreadsheet in Google Drive or DropBox, nor do I know how to save the photos in the selected folder instead of the default folder. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

If you will be using Dropbox as the cloud storage, than your spreadsheet shall be on Dropbox as well.
For the location, you can use expressions to define the folder name that the images will be saved. To accomplish this, you can have a [FolderName] dropdown field for the user and in the image column’s FolderLocation property, you can create an expression like this:


Pay attention that this will locate the root folder of your app (where the spreadsheet lies) and if such sub-folder does not exists, it will create that folder.

Thanks for that. I assume there’s no problem having a gsheet saved in Dropbox folder and it will work with multiple users if that becomes a requirement


Running into my first problem. How can I save a gsheet in DropBox. When I create it and try to save there’s no option to save in DropBox. If I save it in Drive and copy it to DroBox I can’t seem to get it to open.

I know I could try to use an Excel spreadsheet but I’ve had no end of sync problems with Excel so I’d rather avoid it, if I can. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You cannot save a Google Sheet in Dropbox, sorry. Actually you can - as a .gSheet file - but you cannot open it from Dropbox.

Thought it was me.

So I need to use an excel sheet. Do they sync ok on Dropbox or do they create sync issues like they do in OneDrive?

Chiming in @tony and @Peter

You can use Excel on Dropbox.

Hey guys, I am currently using google forms to have people answer questions and submit photos that they need to take. How do I setup a way for my appsheet to give the option of taking a photo and then uploading it?

@Sam1 make sure you have a column in your data table with a header something like ‘Photos’ - then once that table’s connect to your app, make sure the column type of that column is set to be ‘Image’. This app collects photos, you can see how it’s setup here:

I have created a basic app and it will save and sync photos and signatures but when I add the Concatenate code to the images Image file/folder path property, the App runs on Windows but when I go to sync it comes up with the error message “Unable to add/edit/delete row in table ‘Images’. → {“error_summary”: “path/malformed_path/”, “error”: {”.tag": “path”, “reason”: {".tag": “malformed_path”}, “upload_session_id”: “AAAAAAAAFlFCCk-dX2_cAg”}}"

Is this telling me that I need to create the folder first - I thought it would create the folder itself? Or is there another problme with what I am doing?

After a week of trying different options I finally tried leaving out the CONCATENATE function and just leaving [FolderName] in the image column’s FolderLocation property and it works. So the CONCATENATE with “/” is unnecessary

If we are using SQL as a backend rather than Excel, what would your recommend for storing images as I understand that AppSheet does not support using BLOB’s on Azure SQL.

Well it totally depends actually. Provided your Cloud SQL is on AWS than you have the chance to use Amazon S3 for the images. As AppSheet is now part of Google, I hope that soon they will be creating a connectivity for Google Cloud Storage as well for images. @praveen’s insights will be more helpful I believe.

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