Can I create column without restructure?

Whenever I add new columns to my table and restructure it, I have to fix many errors because my app does not work anymore and some of the references/Formulas… are not working changed. Is there a way to bypass the restructuring? is there a better way?

Hello @Rhigazi , welcome to our community !

I reestructure pretty often my apps, and that action should not generate errors by itself unless you modify your existing columns in your data source, and currently there’s no other way to add a new column, you could add several reserve columns so you can modify them in case of need in the future without the need of reestructuring each time you need a new one.


Thank you @Rafael_ANEIC-PY for this suggestion, it definitely simplifies my life,
that’s exactly how I will do it.

Thank you for your great support
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