Can I deconstruct a LIST? I'm probably doing...

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Can I deconstruct a LIST?

I’m probably doing this in a weird way, but I’m combining two systems that IO can’r connect properly. I have a table of products on orders (from a system I can’t connect to appsheet at the moment) The products on the order go to different departmentsfor picking, so I can mark them on the table to show who needs them.

I can make a LIST of the appropriate products for the department, but then I want to deconstruct the list to fill in the columns in a row so that they can pick the order and then mark what they have picked.

So I need to find Product 1, then Product 2, etc. in seperate columns.

I also need to show the location and quantity, but I think I can just do a lookup for that.

If that makes sense to anyone and you have an idea let me know. The main thing (I think for this way) is deconstructing the list

(David Hopkins) #2

Simon, can you provide an example of the list and how you’d like it deconstructed?

(Simon Bailey) #3

It’ll be product codes comma separated. So: L1192 , L2224 , L2524 , L2315 , L2526 , L2528 , L1923

Then I need to extract into columns in the app Product 1

Product 2

Product 3 L1192





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@Simon_Bailey Here is the link to the Sheet on the backend… You can see the simple formula for the Split… scratch app scratch app

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@David_Hopkins That would work if I could get the raw data list into google sheets, but I can’t. The app looks at an excel spread sheet, which is automatically exported from our order taking system.

It’s a bit awkward to explain and even to show with a google sheet as the main issue is that I’m using google and excel.

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well… @Simon_Bailey , damn… lol


@Simon_Bailey , you could check out sheetgo

or a script for getting your excel data into sheets.

(Simon Bailey) #8

@David_Hopkins exactly :slight_smile:

(Simon Bailey) #9

@Lynn Thanks. I might look at that again. This report needs to be updated a lot though, but might be worth it.

(David Hopkins) #10

@Simon_Bailey I banged on this again for a while today …

I was able to get the list collected and populated into the form for the 1st and last element.

but the ones in the middle are giving me grief.

so… i trashed it and started over… still trying … lol

have you had any luck?

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@Aleksi_Alkio Here is one for you…

Check out the example app…

Here is what I’m trying to do for @Simon_Bailey

He has a datalist of

L1192 , L2224 , L2524 , L2315 , L2526 , L2528 , L1923

and needs the form to populate each list element into a separate field. currently the form has 7 fields to match the 7 item list.

Using Right() and Left() I can easily get the first and last element of this as a string … but is there any way to get a list item by index in AS?

something like ListGetAT([myList], [delimiter], [index])

Thanks sir…


(David Hopkins) #12

@Simon_Bailey so… your looking for something like ListGetAt(YourList, Index)

… im looking around to see if i can come up with a solution…

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@Simon_Bailey Im getting closer …

check out - AppSheet : mobile apps from spreadsheets : Login

Click on the Start here icon.

Issue im having is with the raw data list…

the "

space comma space


… so im trying to clean it up programmatically… then i want to be able to select an item in the list at a particular position.

Product 1 = ListGetAt(YourList, Item1) Product 2 = ListGetAt(YourList, Item2)

and so on.

AppSheet : mobile apps from spreadsheets : Login


I don’t know whether this will work for you but I just use a “SPLIT” formula in my sheet to do this.

(Simon Bailey) #15

@Lynn Hello Lynn, That would work, except the LIST is a virtual column (and I don’t think there’s an equivalent in google sheets), so then I can’t split it in the google sheet

(Simon Bailey) #16

@David_Hopkins Thanks for having a look at this David. I tried LISTGETAT in the App Formula, but it doesn’t recognise it. I can’t get into the app you put a link to.

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@Simon_Bailey shoot Simon… try again … i forgot to set it public.

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@Simon_Bailey No, LISTGETAT is not an AppSheet Function… trouble is that im not sure what the AppSheet function for that is. Same issue with SPLIT.

(David Hopkins) #19


Using SPLIT in the Google Sheet, I was able to create C1 (column 1) through C7 from the RAWDATA field. then Use that data to populate the form. DONE>