Can I display a field on multiple forms but o...

(Rob atYahoo) #1

Can I display a field on multiple forms but only allow it to be edited from a nominated form?

I have a very simple setup:

A single spreadsheet holds details of jobs that need to be completed.

I use a Slice to filter only items that have not been completed and use it as a datasource for a Table List.

When I select an entry a Detail form displays the record. I use a Quick Edit field on that form to help organise the jobs

When the Edit button is pressed a Form displays the record I need to edit PLUS a few info only records. E.g. I don’t want to be able to edit the Pre-Delivery comments on that form, only the Post Delivery Comments. However I want to display the Pre-Delivery comments.

I want to create a completely separate form to enable the Pre-Delivery comments, and other relevant fields to be entered and/or edited.

How do I make a field only Editable on selected form(s) but still able to be displayed on other forms

(Steven Coile) #2

My best suggestion would be to create virtual columns–which cannot be edited–that mirror the editable columns, then include the virtual columns instead of the originals in the appropriate slices.

For example, table MyTable has physical (actual) columns [name] and [phone], both of which are editable, and the virtual column [name_ro] (ro for “read-only”) with an App formula of =[name] (to mirror the value of [name]). Slice EditSlice contains both [name] and [phone], but not [name_ro], and allows Updates. Slice EditPhoneSlice contains [name_ro] (which cannot be edited, because it’s a virtual column) and [phone], but not [name], and also allows Updates. When the user is given a form with the EditPhoneSlice, they’ll be able to edit [phone], but not [name_ro].

(Rob atYahoo) #3

That’s so simple and so brilliant.

Thanks. … Rob