Can I do this?


I’m in the making of a scorecard-app for golfing with my friends. I already spent a lot of time making the “perfect” excel sheet to calculate the different handicaps, playstyles and other information. But excel is not very user friendly while on the golfcourse.

Basicly what I’m trying to figure out is how to have a user friendly app that can make a new copy of my calculation template for every round we play. That have input to add scores into the copy and that can pick up the leaderboard values to present the current round live…

I’m guessing I would need one excel sheet for the app itself, but can that excel sheet make a copy of my template, name it and both input values and get values from the copied template…?

As im in a brainstorm session with myself, I would love some feedback

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You said you’ve already made the perfect Excel sheet to do all of this

  • Have you tried simply creating an app off of that sheet?

Depending on how you originally designed that sheet you might have to rearrange some of the columns, making everything so that it exists in a single row.

But my thought would be that each row would be one session, and so to track another session would be as easy as creating a new record.

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For reference:

Thank you for the replies.
For now I will be using a setup where the app will collect data from the users and the template will collect the data and perform the calculations.
Then I will manually “reset” the template and appdata for the next round we play.

Will try to later implement a “live leaderboard” where the app collects the calculations.
This will work for now :slight_smile:

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