Can I find out what emails have been sent fro...

(M. Engel) #1

Can I find out what emails have been sent from the server?

I had quite some complaints of people getting an (intended) onetime email several times. The emails are programmed in Workflow after a user hits an action button. But I want people to receive only one message, not 4 or4 5. This kind of defeats the purpose, because after a while nobody reads them anymore. Is there a way to check if emails have been sent at all, when and how many??

(M. Engel) #2

In my premium plan, now it says “Data change workflow action not allowed with the PREMIUM plan”. Is that the reason emails are not sent anymore? That must have changed during this week, because earlier this week it DID work. ???

(Philip Garrett) #3


You can check the Audit History to see what workflow rules have run. The Workflow Email audit history records indicate when email was created and who it was addressed to.

Sending workflow emails does not require a Premium pricing plan.

One thing that did change this week was that the “Enable audit history alerts” option is now only enabled for production applications for users enrolled in a Business pricing plan. That has always been the policy, but we have now begun enforcing that policy. I don’t think this is relevant to your questions, but I am including it for completeness.