Can I freeze a row using an action button?...

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Can I freeze a row using an action button?

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sounds great!!! Thanks

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what I exactly needed is a column edited by the first user only. So the second or other users would not edit … i will try your advice … thanks again…

in fact i was almost writting this fact… tks

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Hi @Travel_Fast, You may wish to note following

The above approach will make the row non editable for an app user. The approach basically hides the Edit icon from the user.

However,as per my understanding, if

the app logic internally updates the row, say as part of a say calculation, even the frozen row will update.

So if you wish to altogether prevent the editing of a frozen row, even by internal app logic, you will need to put the condition [Freeze Row]=“No” in the concerned table’s every column’s Editable_If option except for the [Freeze Row] column.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Travel_Fast,I presume freezing a row means making the entire row non-editable.

You can do this.

Please explore following.

  1. Please add a text column titled say Freeze Row with initial value as “No” in the table where you wish to freeze rows.

  2. Please create an action titled say “Freeze Row” on this table with the effect

of “Set the value of a column”. Set the value of

the “Freeze Row” column to “Yes”

  1. Please modify the “Edit” system action of the same table with condition [Freeze Row]=“No”

With the above changes, the edit icon will disappear for the rows where the "Freeze Row: action is invoked. For easier identification of “frozen rows” you may wish to use format rules to highlight those rows in different color.

Also you may need to create a reverse action"Unfreeze Rows" just in case the business logic needs the user /admin to edit the row again under certain conditions.

Hope this helps.