Can I hide the previous screen nav arrow or change it's destination?


I have REF views. 1st Ref view changes the [status] (updates column in sheet) when submitted. On submission, an action links to another Ref View (that is dependent upon the [Status] = “new status”).

That ref View is loaded. Great!. But if the user hits the previous view arrow in the header they are returned to the previous Ref view but the [Status] is now incorrect for that Ref View. Normally, and programmatically, that Ref View would not display with that [Status] = "new status’. But it does when the previous screen arrow is hit.

I don’t want the user to go back in these instances. Can I hide the previous screen arrow OR can I program the previous state to go back to another (higher level) View?

I am not sure what the right language is for the previous screen back arrow in the header.

This is the doohickey I am referring to. What’s it called and how can I access its behaviour?


Nope. :frowning:


I can’t be the only one who finds this a huge problem.
Is there a workaround that folks use?


You most certainly are not. :slight_smile:

Not to my knowledge.

Are there any plans (or petitions) in the works to address this at AppSheet?
It is such a shame to have such a nifty tool be reduced to a toy because of such a basic tweak. (Me thinks adding an option to a View editor that allows the programmer to either hide previous screen back arrow or set a deep link to a higher level View would do the trick).


Thanks Steve,

There is a serious problem in the App Sheet management.
I have been doing this stuff (commercial technology) for a long time. I can smell mismanagement of a brand/product.

What a damn shame. This product has so much potential. Actually, the potential has been realized. It’s management that has lost the plot and stifled App Sheet adoption.

What is the mission statement of App Sheet? Has it been minimized by Google parent? Who pulls the strings?

Sorry Steve. Not your fault. I have seen this kind of thing too many times. App Sheet needs an advocate at Google and I don’t think it has one.