Can I import Enum in appsheet?

Hello. Please I want to know something about Enum.
I’ve a large list to add in my app, to allow user to choose quickly their choice.
Is there a way to insert a large list from a CSV file in Appsheet? Or am I forced to enter the data one by one?
Thank you

You can add the Large list as a table Adding a Key column.

Then in your Main table add a reference to the new Table.

When your users Open a form to add an entry this will show a drop down (or buttons if you selected) to be show

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Maybe this might help?

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It’s okay, thank you @Steve

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Best way is to maintain one table named “Configurations” for our Application. This configurations table contains all the enum values that we will be used in Application.
Now for column we can put a valid_if formula and pull the enum values from that configuration table.
Ex: Valid_if : configurations[Priority] - Results Priority column values.

Also we can use Action - “Import a csv file” feature to Import Enum values.


Your method is what I do. It seems like a much better choice from a database design perspective. That way, when a value is changed, you still have the proper reference to it. Plus, you can give certain users, in my case, ADMIN, the ability to add/edit/archive values. I don’t allow deletions of REF data.