Can I increase number of lines shown by the inline view

At the moment you see 5 lines on the inset pane on a parent/child view. Can it be increased?

Check out from here: UX > Options > Detail View > Inline Row Limit

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UX -> Otions -> Inline row limit

Seems simple but it isn’t working.


Have you refreshed your browser or re-started your app from scratch - a.k.a. cold start.?

See screenshot…

Goto UX > New Jobs_Detail view and check for the same property’s value.

That did it. Thanks!

You’re welcome

I’m having this same issue but can’t see where in my view to update it. Any more info on where I look?

You need to go to the view that DISPLAYS the Inline table - the Detail or Form view…not the Inline Table view itself. And I believe the property name is actually “Max Nested Rows”. See the example Form below. Its basically the same in the Detail view.