Can I make a UX View exclusive to certain people?

I don’t want all my employees to access certain views on my app. Can I make a UX View exclusive to certain people?

There are a couple of different ways, but you can easily achieve.

First, when you place the app user to “whitelist”, you can set the role to either USER or ADMIN. Then user the expression inside Appsheet, userrole()

On each view you generated, then set the showif constrain by using userrole expression or you can use useremail() expression to control the access to each view basis individual user level.

Otherwise, you create your own physical table with the list of your app users.
Then you can do more detailed, complex and comprehensive control over the access to views or any other stuffs, like show column, action etc.


This is the method I advocate.

In all the apps I create where we need certain people to have access to certain things, and restrict others, I’ll create a Users table. In this table I’ll include the column [User_Role], and Enum with a few options like Admin, User, etc. (all completely set by me when building things out).

I’ll then create a slice: Current_User; for the formula I’ll do: [User_Email] = USEREMAIL() where [User_Email] is the column in the Users table that holds the email address of each person using the app. From this I can easily call any information I need from the Users table about the current person using the app: any(Current_User[User_Assigned_Facilities]) for instance.

By creating your own user-class system like this, as Tsuji said, you’ll be able to have much more control and customizability (:laughing: spell-check doesn’t like that word lol).

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So this is where I will place my formula for that right?

Correct. Just please remember that it hides the view name, not the view or data itself. Your users are still able to see that view and data.

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Confusing me Aleksi, what do you mean by this? If the formula is correct the user wont be able to see the view??

When you hide a view, you are still able to see that data with a suitable URL. Hiding a view is not secured in any way.

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Ahh understood, yes.