Can i make my application view-only for users?

I have a stock management app that i want to share among my work mates but i want to prevent any accidental transactions. I only want them to only see the inventory or product rather than being able to change anything on the application.

You may want to evaluate the following option if it fits your requirement


I have about ten users whom i want to restrict making any changes on the app and would only want them to one view one tables with current values per inventory.

I tried to:

but what i ended up was when was locking that table when i used the mentioned formula in data>table>are updates allowed?

Is it possible for you to post the actual expression you used by camouflaging the actual email IDs?

Edit: Also please elaborate below, especially what you mean by one view one table with current values per inventory.

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apologies, what i meant was i have a table with just inventory values that should be the only viewable table for my group.

Hello @sgonz83, you might want to take a look at this post, it’s a classic.